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Knowing Dogs 101: Dog Language

  • Body Language Basics

  • Human & Dog Greetings

  • Dog Emotional States

  • Dogs in Stress

  • Dog Aggression

  • Leadership

  • Human & Dog Social Interactions

Knowing Dogs provides you with: 

  • Consistent technical dog knowledge and handling skills training for Pet Care Provider new hires

  • Timely self-study training for one new hire or a small group

  • Valuable time saving delivery using self-study narrated DVDs

  • Minimize staff injuries and accidents as providers learn safe handling and dog language basics

  • Healthier and happier dog guests as staff recognize early warnings of dog discomfort

  • Safer and more easily managed dog social play groups by trained leaders that understand play behaviors and use proactive management skills

  • Confirmation of learning comprehension with program assessment and module evaluations

  • Hands-on activities and shift tips that transfer skills learned to the job

  • Standardized training for your staff

Knowing Dogs 201: Group Play

Knowing Dogs 201 (Group Play) builds upon the foundation of knowledge introduced in 101.   201 provides dog daycare employees with a deeper understanding of canine body language when dogs are in group play, how human leadership impacts dogs, dog aggression, and greetings.  Group Play addresses:

  • Play Behaviors

  • Leadership Part 1

  • Leadership Part 2

  • Leading Playgroups

  • Dogs in Stress

  • Dog-to-Dog Aggression

  • Dog-to-Dog Greetings

Group Play was developed to keep dogs safe while playing together and provide knowledge to develop skills for pet care providers to properly supervise play.  Dogs have a language that they use to communicate with each other, with humans and with other animals.  When you learn and understand their language you’ll recognize warning signs and signals that the dog is not comfortable and how to safely respond.

We want dogs that attend group play to be physically safe and leave the group as emotionally sound as when they arrived to play.  Group Play helps pet care providers recognize the early warning signs of inappropriate play behaviors and how to take action to keep play fun and safe for each dog.  This will result in happier and healthier dogs that make your job easier, and satisfied clients that keep coming back.

We are passionate about providing the information pet care providers need to be successful.  Knowing Dogs 201: Group Play, is a key foundation for further study.  Dogs have a lot to teach us and we invite you to join us in learning and understanding their behaviors.