Joanna Flaherty

Joanna  Flaherty

Full Time Groomer

I have been competing in the All American Grooming Show competitions since 2011. I have won 1st place with my Cocker Spaniel, 2nd and 3rd places with a Standard Poodle and 2nd and 3rd places with an Airedale. Recently in August, I’ve started competing with a Giant Schnauzer, though I haven’t placed with him yet.

My education started off at Paragon School of Pet Grooming and graduated in August 2004 with 600 hours in the program. From there, I went straight to a vet clinic for 2 year and then worked with Pet Smart for 2 months. While there, I found the Gold Clipper, which was then my home for 11 ½ years.

I personally own 3 dogs—a Labrador, Cocker Spaniel and a Great Pyranese/St. Bernard Mix along with 6 cats and 52 chickens.

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