Christine Waters

Christine Waters, Veterinary Assistant, Certified Canine Fitness Trainer

Christine Waters has been with us since November 2014. She is a veterinary assistant at Southlane Veterinary Hospital in Valparaiso, Indiana and has worked for Dr. Rachael Jones and Dr. Christopher Keeley at their practice since 2011.  Her passion for helping animals has been lifelong, but it wasn't until Dr. Keeley became certified and began offering canine rehabilitation services that she discovered her niche.  She assists Dr. Keeley with all his rehab patients, implementing land therapy programs to help them regain strength and mobility. As these patients progress, she begins providing therapeutic swim sessions to further their recovery while incorporating targeted exercises to keep it fun and effective.

Seeing one-on-one how beneficial rehab can be for dogs recovering from orthopedic injuries and neurological conditions inspired her to research the importance of injury prevention and fitness in our canine companions. She earned her CCFT (Certified Canine Fitness Trainer) through the University of Tennessee/FitPAWS Master Trainer program in 2016. She hopes to reach out to the pet-owner community and help people better understand why a good weight, proper nutrition, and a well-conditioned body and mind are crucial to a dog's longevity and are integral parts of a happy healthy life.  

Christine currently resides in Portage, Indiana with her husband, Brandon, their two dogs Janna and Nessa, their cats Wonton and Kirby, and Stanley, their hedgehog.  She enjoys long leash-walks on the beach and singing in the pool.