Recreational Swimming



Dawg Paradise is proud to announce the addition of our 14' x 20'  in ground heated pool along with 8 additional pool side suites.  Our new pool is 4' deep with stairs and a ramp for easy access.  Our boarding guests are welcome to use the pool for recreational swimming during their stay, however a life jacket is required. You are welcome to bring your dog's own life vest or you may rent one from us.

» Swimming Form - Required

» Vaccination Requirements / Flea Treatments / Medical Attention
Please be sure to have your pets' vet add Dawg Paradise to the list of those they will release records to.  Sometimes owners will forget to bring in their pets vaccinations records.  In those situations, Dawg Paradise will contact the vet to verify vaccinations and request them if needed.

Summertime fun in the winter at Dawg Paradise....

Posted by Dawg Paradise Inc. on Saturday, January 23, 2016

Recreational Swimming is during your dog's stay for Daycare or during an Overnight Stay.



If you would like your dog to swim, we ask that he/she be free from excessive dirt and shedding.  Give your dog a thorough brushing prior to his/her stay and avoid applying any topical flea treatment within 72 hours of their stay. 

Recreational swimming is designed for the healthy, experienced swimmer who likes the water and is comfortable swimming on his/her own.  As always we will provide supervision for this activity, however, our staff will not get in the pool with your dog.  If your dog has never swam, is afraid of the water, or has health issues/injuries we suggest that you check into our "assisted" and "therapeutic" sessions.  These sessions are conducted by trained professionals who get in the water with your dog.  More information on these sessions is available on our Swimming Rehab and Exercise page. 

Non weight bearing exercises such as warm water swimming are proven to help build muscle tone, increase cardiac fitness, relax muscles, increase flexibility and reduce stress, anxiety and pain. Swimming is an ideal exercise because it delivers a safe, low impact, full body workout.