Swimming Rehab & Exercise

We offer "Assisted" and "Therapeutic" swim sessions. Please contact us for details, pricing, and to schedule a session.

Canine Swim Program

  • Does your dog struggle to climb into the car?

  • Are your dog's hind legs weaker than they used to be?

  • Is your dog recovering from surgery?

  • Is your dog overweight?

  • Is your dog a canine athlete who needs conditioning?

  • Is your dog 7 years old or older?

  • Does your dog suffer from arthritis, hip dysplasia, degenerative diseases or other bone and joint conditions?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, your dog needs Dawg Paradise's Canine Swim Program!  We offer two different swim options: Therapeutic Swimming  and Assisted Swimming.

Meet the Rehab Team! - Dr. Keeley & Christine -

Therapeutic Swimming

$55 per session or 4 sessions for $200

When dealing with certain orthopedic and neurological conditions, we recommend your dog be evaluated by our certified canine rehabilitation specialist, Dr. Chris Keeley.  Dr. Keeley will make recommendations for further workup if necessary, ensuring your dog is healthy to swim. He will establish a treatment plan which will include intensity of swim session, massage techniques and stretching of tight muscles. He will discuss the plan with our professional swim staff to ensure your dog is on the path to wellness. Dr. Keeley will continue to monitor the treatment plan and adjust as necessary so that your dog can safely regain his or her health in the pool.  Sessions are anywhere from 25-55 minutes depending on your dog's endurance and the established plan of care.

Assisted Swim Sessions

$45 per session or 4 sessions for $160

Our qualified swim staff including a physical therapist and a veterinarian technician will work in the water with your dog to assist him or her with swimming, staying in the pool and feeling comfortable and confident in the water. Our professional staff member is always in the pool with your dog guiding the session, monitoring your dog's response to exercise and ensuring maximum benefit from the session. Each session is customized to the individual needs of each dog and will consist of a blend of resisted swimming, free swimming and therapeutic rest while in the pool. We strongly recommend that you have your dog evaluated by your veterinarian prior to starting a swim program. Sessions are anywhere from 25-45 minutes depending on your dog's endurance in the pool.

Therapeutic Swimming / Assisted Swim Sessions
*As of January 1, 2018, we will require at least a 24 hour notice if you intend to cancel your swim appointment. If you do not cancel within this time frame, you will be charged for the session.

» Swimming Form - Required

» Vaccination Requirements / Flea Treatments / Medical Attention
Please be sure to have your pets' vet add Dawg Paradise to the list of those they will release records to.  Sometimes owners will forget to bring in their pets vaccinations records.  In those situations, Dawg Paradise will contact the vet to verify vaccinations and request them if needed.

Non weight bearing exercises such as warm water swimming are proven to help build muscle tone, increase cardiac fitness, relax muscles, increase flexibility and reduce stress, anxiety and pain. Swimming is an ideal exercise because it delivers a safe, low impact, full body workout.