Boarding Your Pets

Our prices are all inclusive.  There are no "hidden costs".  Each pet will receive his/her own private suite.  The price is the same for all pets....big or small. (Multiple pets from the same household may stay together in the same suite at a discounted rate - see below.  And Yes we do board cats too).  Our standard room rate includes all the amenities of home. Our beds are kuranda type beds from K9 Ballistics and they are "almost" indestructible.  You tell us your pet(s) schedule and we will do our best to follow it.  In addition to the necessities (bathroom breaks, feeding, etc.) we offer all pets individualized attention, including all the play time they can handle as well as a ton of love and affection.  Your pet will be treated like "one of the family".

*Be sure to fill out the required forms below.

George & Lucy

George & Lucy

Overnight Rate

$42.00 - 1st Pet | $32.00 - 2nd Pet (in same suite)

5+ consecutive night stay will receive 10% discount (not applicable with 3+ dogs discount)

3+ Dogs Discount (in same suite)

20% off standard rates

(i.e. 3 dogs x $42/each = $126 less 20% = $100.80/night)

Tiki and Roscoe

Tiki and Roscoe


We operate similar to a hotel.  Check in is anytime during regular business hours on the day of arrival.  Effective January 1, 2018, your pet will need to picked up by Noon on the day of departure so that we may have time to prepare for incoming guests.  If you cannot arrange for him/her to be picked up by then, we will slot them in our daycare program.  You will be charged for ½ day of daycare up until 6pm.  The current fee will be $12.50 per pet.  In the event that your pet has not checked out and we need the room for another guest, we may remove your dog from his/her room and relocate them in a play area, etc. while they wait to be picked up.  If your pet is not picked up by 6pm then the overnight rate will apply. Please note:  You will need to make arrangements in advance if you will be having someone other than yourself picking up your pet.  We will not release a pet to anyone else unless we have the proper authorization forms filled out

Keep in mind, you are always charged for is the same price whether you check out on Sunday or Monday by noon.  Some see this as a 2-day weekend minimum stay.




We know you and your family miss your dog while you are away on vacation, that’s why we provide the webcams at no additional charge. This gives you piece of mind that your dog is OK while still allowing your dog to enjoy their vacation as well. We do not allow visitors once the dog is checked in. A lot of times this confuses the dogs because they think they get to go home. When  the visitor leaves they become depressed. You are welcome to call us anytime during business hours and talk to us about how your dog is doing but please do not ask your family to come check on them.  

Dawg Paradise Dog Handling Policy

At Dawg Paradise our goal is to create a safe and fun environment for your pet. We are not the type of daycare/boarding facilities where your dog is placed in a large group of dogs of all sizes and left (sometimes unattended) for the entire day. We do not feel that this is in the best interest of your dog.

We try to create a stress free environment where dogs who like other dogs are allowed supervised group play with like size and temperament dogs. For those dogs who are not socialized or do not play well with other dogs they are still afforded the same “individual” play time.

That being said it is nearly impossible to predict when your dog will have playtime.

We try to allow each group of dogs play time in half hour increments. Our playtime always depends on the number of group playing dogs and the number of individual dogs that we have here at any given time. We do our very best to make sure that they are out of their rooms 3 –4 times throughout the day, aside from their first time in the morning and last time at night. 

Dawg Paradise offers webcam to our customers for their enjoyment. Dawg Paradise does not charge extra for use of the cameras. Dawg Paradise cannot guarantee that you will have a good view of your dog in their room. We will try to accommodate any special request for rooms, however based on availability it may not be possible to honor your request.

Required Forms & Vaccinations

» About You - Required

» About Your Pet - Required

» Swimming Form 
   only complete this page if you want your dog to be eligible for recreational swimming during his/her visit

» Vaccination Requirements / Flea Treatments / Medical Attention
Please be sure to have your pets' vet add Dawg Paradise to the list of those they will release records to.  Sometimes owners will forget to bring in their pets vaccinations records.  In those situations, Dawg Paradise will contact the vet to verify vaccinations and request them if needed.


We require a credit card to hold your reservation, but you may pay in the form of credit, debit, or cash on the day of departure.  No checks please.

Cancellation Policy

  • One week in advance (7days). Reservations that are not cancelled within 7 days of the scheduled stay are subject to charge for the full amount of the reserved stay.

Early Check Outs

  • Early check outs are subject to being charged $25/day up to the full amount of the scheduled reservation.

We take caring for your pet very seriously and are reserving one of our luxury suites just for them.  We routinely have other pets on a waiting list so we ask that you please respect our cancellation policy.  Failure to follow cancellation guidelines can result in your credit card being charged for up to the full amount of your scheduled reservation.