This place is awesome!!! We needed to board my chihuahua mix for 5 days. I was amused by the website. (TVs in the rooms). We visited to set up his stay. They brought us into one of the rooms the dogs stay in. Spacious! Not like a cage at all. The TVs they explained are to reduce the noise from other dogs. They truly care and love what they do. The best part...cameras so you can see your pet in his/her room or out playing with new friends.
- ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ -
— Judy T.

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We heard good things from several of our friends about Dawg Paradise, so after our boxer had ACL reconstruction we began taking her there for swim therapy. All of the staff are very friendly and accommodating. Services are reasonably priced and the facility is very clean. We have not used their boarding services as of yet, but I would be totally comfortable leaving any of our dogs in their care.
- ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ -
— Heath T.
Wonderful place. Good hearted people who care for pets. They are passionate about pets. And their mobile grooming service is excellent too. Here’s a photo of our little guy just waiting for the Dawgs and Suds groomer to come visit. They are best friends. I contact Dawgs and Suds by emailing Dawg Paradise.
- ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ -
— Douglas W.
Excellent place to board or groom your dog. My 2 cairn terriers love this place and never show signs of stress when picking them up. Ask for Joanne for a top notch groomer of cairns. All the staff is extremely caring and loving!!!
- ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ -
— Jill M.
The BEST place to board your fur baby! They take such good care of the dogs and make sure everything is done on time. My dog was the happiest when we went to pick him up. They even gave him a complimentary bath. Price is really good as well. Definitely a luxury place for your fur baby. Will be bringing him back here for sure in the future.
- ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ -
— Vishakha P.
We love taking our dogs here! They get excited and are full of smiles when we drop them off!
- ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ -
— Zach H.
Great place that you can trust. The camera system is outstanding! Love them!
- ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ -
— Melanie M.
“Just picked up our boys after boarding them for five days and I was so happy to see that they looked like show puppies!! I love the care they received and your groomers are top notch! My husband said they don’t smell like goats...lol! Thank the staff for us as the boys were so excited to get home I didn’t get to thank all of you! I will be seeing you again for grooming and next year vacation. Its hard to impress my husband but Dawg Paradise can’t stop talking about how great his boys look! Thank you again!”
— D. McKnight
Caring staff, reasonable prices. My little dog made friends and enjoyed her stay!
- ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ -
— Lori
Wouldn’t board my dogs any where else !!! Best care ever . Grooming is fantastic
- ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ -
— Moe B.

This was the second time my boy has stayed with Dawg Paradise and he has never been so calm. I had boarded him at another facility earlier this year and he was terrified. You ladies and your staff are amazing and the care you give is extraordinary!!! I can’t express how wonderful your staff and your facility is. Finn loves you all and loves staying with you. Thank you all for taking care of my boy and going the extra mile.
— Lori S.
“Bringing my dogs to a daycare after my first puppy got coccidia from the dog park and we almost lost her made me very nervous. however, after bringing them here I recommend it to all the dog owners that I know! The staff is so kind and caring towards the animals it makes me know that they will be cared for well! It also makes me very happy that I can see them on the cameras still whenever I have a quick break from work. This place is truly amazing and has helped my dogs get along with other dogs and people much better now, I cannot thank you guys enough.”
— Kaitlyn F.
“Great place that you can trust. The camera system is outstanding! Love them!”
- ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ -
— Melanie M.
“Everyone, and I mean everyone, at Dawg Paradise is so wonderful with our dogs. We trust them completely. Our dog, Jaxson, is a bit of a wild man, and they treat him with kindness and love. He even managed to mildly injure himself while there (he is quite the clown - his fault entirely), and the staff were incredible with him. They treated him like he was their own dog. I have such peace of mind when they are at Dawg Paradise. Jaxson squeals as soon as he realizes where he is going!”
— Laura
“offer private rooms, tv pool and live cam views. better than some motels. Boy r r dogs spoiled. love the owner and staff”
- ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ -
— Dr Michael Messina
“I can’t say enough good things about them. The people are wonderful and treat your pet like they are their babies. We adopted a dog from the animal shelter after Dawg Paradise rescued her and kept her at their facility for adoption. She was completely rehabilitated by them and has made our family complete. They have also suggested the best products ever made like the only chew bone and brush that have ever worked. They bath their dogs in a whirl pool tub and one of the best things we enjoy about our new dog is how much she loves the water.”
— Rebekah W.
“We just picked up our Moose from another wonderful boarding experience. He loves all of the workers there, and it is a great feeling to know that while he is away from us, that he is truly receiving the best care. Not your typical boarding facility at all! They go above and beyond.”
— Karen I.
“I want to thank the staff at dawg paradise. I boarded my boy Finn in July at a different boarding facility and when I pick him up he was traumatized. I had to board him last weekend and someone suggested dawg paradise. I can NOT say enough about how wonderful they treated him. I watched as they loved him and helped him feel secure. When I picked him up he was excited and I knew his experience was more than exceptional. He will be back if just to have a weekend of fun with the other guest. Thank you all for treating him like he was your baby boy.”
— Lori S.
“Great place to take your dogs, great staff”
- ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ -
— Kris G.
“Dawg Paradise is wonderful. I have been leaving my puppy since she was 16 weeks and she loves it there. They are so welcoming and sweet to her! The program is awesome. My puppy gets to play and swim throughout the day. She gets excited every time we get in the car to go. A big thank you for everything you guys do there! I have tried several services for puppy daycare over the years and nothing comes close!”
— Sarah S.
“I want to express how Thankful I am for your services!

Not many will accept the “Pit” breed due to the negative stereotyping they receive. This wasn’t a issue from the beginning as I assured my fur baby (piper) was harmless! Not all pits are aggressive but they are very protective with their family, as a family is protective over their pit! Responsible proud pit owners suffer the ridicule of loving a breed that evil people give a horrible reputation! Thank you for absolutely no judging and accepting Piper into your establishment! He was groomed far beyond my expectations, hoping he was comical during your time with him. (At least well behaved) We will continue to use this facility along with boarding options in future! Feel free to share this message if you want, due to breed that’s up to you.

You also accepted Benny, our 10 yr old boxer doodle. I couldn’t believe the transformation you made happen. He is absolutely beautiful from your talent of fixing years of horrible home cuts!

Thank you for such a wonderful place! Kudos to all that make Dawg Paradise what it is. Rated a 10 in our opinion!”
— Kimberly S.
“My husband and I never take a vacation because we never trusted anyone to take care of our boys. Our vet’s staff told us about Dawg Paradise. Dr. Keeley, our vet actually takes his dogs there and does the water therapy. After boarding the boys and being able to watch their every move I will never hesitate to board them again. The staff treated my babies like kings!!! Thank you all!”
— Debbie M.
“By far the best place to take your dog! I was really concerned about leaving my dog. Not knowing how he would handle being away, I commented to my husband that I felt like I was sending the dog to Hospice. He’s old, has little health issues, and hadn’t been boarded in 6 years. In all reality, it was like a doggie vacation. He had a room he could see out of, with a tv, and even got to swimming. The people at Dawg Paradise were great with Cody! The fact that I could log on and see him really helped ease my mind and let me enjoy my vacation. We’re already trying to plan another trip for this fall and I’ll have ZERO hesitation to leave my dog at Dawg Paradise!”
— Veronica W.
“I only use dawgparadise. Every person there is so nice to my miss Maggie, she loves it.”
— Cathy G.
“We’ve used Dawg Paradise 5 times now, since our other Boarding facility closed in early 2014. Our senior dog loves going there and he always comes home healthy and happy. They have an outdoor area where different sized dogs can be grouped together. Also, they will group the same temperament together. Our little guy is old and doesn’t really play anymore, and they always know who he can be paired with when he’s outside at play.

Annette and Laurie are Animal Lovers and very easy to work with! We love Dawg Paradise and have recommended to all of our friends.”
— Eileen K.
“My little boy Brutus & I absolutely love this place. I have joked with my family that I would love to stay with Brutus on his stays here (and I’m only 1/2 kidding lol). The staff is so friendly and facility is clean. It even smells good when you walk through the door! I definitely trust my Little B to stay here.”
— Ariana
“Extremely happy — our two dachshunds were well cared for.

Our daughter used to be able to watch the dogs when we went out of town, but since she’s moved, she no longer can. Our dogs HATE being boarded at veterinary clinics and one gets stressed to the point to where he loses his hair.

Thank goodness for Dawg Paradise. While I was out of town, whenever I called, the staff was able to give me detailed information on how the dogs were doing — our dogs adapted quite well and socialized well with the other dogs (unusual for our oldest dog, but he did great).

Both dogs also ate well from the start — they have a tendency not to eat if not happy with their surroundings. Our youngest dachshund loved the swimming pool. (Oldest cannot use it, alas.)

I especially like having access to a web cam 24/7 so I can see what the dogs are doing whenever I like.

Dawg Paradise is SUPER clean and well-kept. Smells fresh and not like dogs.

We used them for the first time this summer and are using them again this summer. We’ve also booked a stay during the fall. This is now our go-to place for doggy love boarding.

We also used another, similar boarding place in Illinois. We liked it too, for many of the same reasons, especially the personalized attention . . . but the prices at Dawg Paradise are better and the location is more convenient for us. Add to it the web cam and a pool,. . . and I like the lay-out of the rooms.

The rooms at Dawg Paradise have double glass doors, so when the dogs are in their rooms, they can see what’s going on around them and do not feel closed in. This also allows the web cam to see inside the room. A nice feature. Both dogs stayed in the same room — there’s PLENTY of room, and they loved the bed. Oh yes, there’s also a TV in the room!”
— Lee B.
“This is an awesome facility for your loved four legged children. DP is the ONLY place we will take our girls for daycare or over night stays. Everyone is is awesome!!!!”
— Jim & Angie
“My cairn terrier, Finley, loves this place and would rather stay here than accompany his Mommy on her trips — He gets to play with other dogs both big and small and takes dips in their “splash” pool - Dawg Paradise is a 5 star hotel for doggies — the very best in this area - it’s worth the drive :)”
— Jill S.
“I almost hesitate give this review for Dawg Paradise, as I’m afraid they might be booked up the next time we need them! Can’t say enough good things about this place. A first-rate facility run by owners who actually care about the pets they board. Purpose-built from the ground up, the kennels (if you could even call them that) are roomy, with sliding glass doors, a large bed, and even have a TV so your pet can catch up on the latest soap opera! There is someone on premise 24/7, and indoor exercise area, including a pool. Of course they have a webcam as well, so you can check in on fido from anywhere in the world. Very highly recommended!”
— Scott
“Best Place Around ... I recently boarded my dog at this facility and couldn’t believe how fantastic it was....the place is immaculate and the staff are wonderful. My dog had the best time there. I definitely will be back!!!”
— Stacy in Laporte
“Great Place...Great Care ...I have always been hesitant to leave my dogs anywhere until now. Dawg Paradise is one of the best boarding facilities around. My dogs absolutely love going there. They are always happy and worn out when I pick them up. They get to run and play outside with other dogs in their huge fenced in areas. They also have an indoor play area and a pool with webcams.”
— Carol in Michigan City
“What a find! We recently had occasion to travel to Michigan City from Chicago, and needed to board our beagle for a night. Searching around for recommendations, a local vet referred us to Dawg Paradise. Figuring that we would have limited options, we were completely floored when we arrived to drop off our pet. This is a first rate facility, run by staff who truly take an interest in the pets they take in. We didn’t have to ask to see the area where the pets are boarded-Annette took us right back to show us the room where our pet would be staying. Not only was it clean and roomy, but they even have a TV in every room for entertainment! A total first class facility. Highly recommended.”
— Scott in Chicago
“Awesome ... This place is absolutely fantastic. From the minute you walk in the door you and your pet are greeted with open arms. The facility and staff are exceptional. We were able to view our dog via web cam while we were away. Our dog had a great time and was treated like “family”. I would highly recommend!”
— Kathy in Michigan City
“Laurie, Annette and their staff are the best. they take great care of all three of my puppy dogs. Their place is spotless and very comfortable for the animals.”
— Patty Sibley