Vaccination Requirements

Our goal is to keep your pet happy and healthy while he/she is visiting Dawg Paradise, therefore, we require proof of the following vaccinations prior to providing any of our services:

  • Dogs - Rabies, DHLPPC, Bordetella (kennel cough) 
  • Cats - Rabies, FVRCP

Written proof of these vaccinations can either be faxed to us at 219.785.2260, emailed to us at, or hand delivered prior to your pet's scheduled stay.

We will not provide any services until we have received the proper documentation and are satisfied that all requirements have been met. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Please be sure to have your pets' vet add Dawg Paradise to the list of those they will release records to.  Sometimes owners will forget to bring in their pets vaccinations records.  In those situations, Dawg Paradise will contact the vet to verify vaccinations and request them if needed.

Flea Treatments

For the well being and comfort of all our guests, we will administer a $10 flea treatment at the owner's expense prior to check in if we see any evidence of fleas on your pet.  Excessive cases may result in additional charges and/or denial of boarding services.  We recommend that you keep your pet on a flea preventative year round to avoid any infestations.

Medical Attention

In the event that your pet would require immediate medical attention, we are located within 3 miles of the Purdue North Central Veterinary Emergency Center, which provides 24/7 emergency care.  This will be our primary care choice should the need arise.  For non-emergency medical concerns we will attempt to contact the owner or his/her designee for further instruction.

Please feel free to contact us at 219.785.BARK(2275) with any questions you may have regarding our policy.