Play Care

Don't need an overnight stay?  Or maybe you just want to treat your pet to some fun and socialization....We offer play care for those pets who just need a get-a-way for the day.

Drop off and pick up times are during normal business hours.  Early or late pick ups must be arranged in advance, and additional fees may apply.

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Play Care Rate 

$25.00/day or purchase 5 days for $100.

» Please see our Contact page for Hours of Operation

Please note that while we make every effort to afford your pet all the playtime he/she can handle, we are limited in the amount of time given each guest based on the current population, weather conditions, and the number of individual plays.  Our first priority is to keep your pet and our staff safe at all times.  You may inquire about these factors at the time you make your reservation.

Required Forms

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» Swimming Form 
only complete this page if you want your dog to be eligible for recreational swimming during his/her visit

» Vaccination Requirements / Flea Treatments / Medical Attention
Please be sure to have your pets' vet add Dawg Paradise to the list of those they will release records to.  Sometimes owners will forget to bring in their pets vaccinations records.  In those situations, Dawg Paradise will contact the vet to verify vaccinations and request them if needed.

Koa & Kya

Koa & Kya

Dawg Paradise Dog Handling Policy

At Dawg Paradise our goal is to create a safe and fun environment for your pet. We are not the type of daycare/boarding facilities where your dog is placed in a large group of dogs of all sizes and left (sometimes unattended) for the entire day. We do not feel that this is in the best interest of your dog.

We try to create a stress free environment where dogs who like other dogs are allow supervised group play with like size and temperament dogs. For those dogs who are not socialized or do not play well with other dogs they are still afforded the same “individual” play time.

That being said it is nearly impossible to predict when your dog will have playtime.

We try to allow each group of dogs play time in half hour increments. Our playtime always depends on the number of group playing dogs and the number of individual dogs that we have here at any given time. We do our very best to make sure that they are out of their rooms 3 –4 times throughout the day, aside from their first time in the morning and last time at night. 

Dawg Paradise offers webcam to our customers for their enjoyment. Dawg Paradise does not charge extra for use of the cameras. Dawg Paradise cannot guarantee that you will have a good view of your dog in their room. We will try to accommodate any special request for rooms, however based on availability it may not be possible to honor your request.


Excerpts from "The Changing Trend in Dog Daycare"

Offer smaller playgroups that allow for a higher quality of play for shorter periods of time.

  • Provide more rest breaks for the dogs which allows them to get the quality rest they need to be emotionally healthy.
  • Offer individual activities/play sessions based on the dog’s needs and desires.

It used to be unique to drop your dog off for a day–long play session with other dogs. Now everyone is doing it. Since this is a non–regulated industry, lots of folks see it as an easy way to make money working with dogs. 

Dogs come in to play all day long and go home too exhausted to do anything with their own families. “It’s not actually healthy for dogs because dogs need more breaks”

October 31, 2016 - By Robin Bennett
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